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SImpleCoreRanger – Buying and selling Methods – 20 August 2023

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Gross sales Web page

Within the Normal version, all features can be found eternally without cost.

Now promoting solely Professional model

Within the Professional model, along with the features of the Normal model, the next extra features can be found.

  • Buying and selling restrictions when unfold widens
  • Secure operate (cease buying and selling when margin or margin stage drops)
  • Compound curiosity buying and selling operate (automated calculation of lot based mostly on free margin)
  • Cease loss will be set by pips


Actual account efficiency

You may test the EA efficiency on actual account on myfxbook.

Backtest end result on MT5

You may test about 7years backtest end result right here

Overview and How you can run EA

SimpleCoreRanger is a grid commerce (repeat kind) EA that trades quick and lengthy within the center value vary, and solely quick or solely lengthy on the fringe of the chart.

  • Pairs || No restrictions. All pairs accessible.
    • It may be used not just for FX pairs equivalent to “EURUSD” and “USDJPY”, but additionally for “S&P500 (CFD)”, “XAUUSD (futures)”, “BTCUSD (cryptocurrency)”, and many others.
  • Minimal required Deposit || You may alter.
  • Timeframe || Month-to-month timeframe is required.
    • Through the use of month-to-month timeframe, your MT5 can get extra historic information

Logic and Parameters

right here is paramerter’s abstract.

After this, you may see element parameter clarify .Parameters are enclosed in [].

Parameter Roll Utilization 
 debugMode  To output debug log  When true, log will seem on Journal.
 magicNumber  Distinguish EA trades  Set a worth that doesn’t overlap with different EAs
 stopEquity  Secure operate  New place just isn’t open if present fairness is decrease than stopEquity.
 To disable, set 0.
 stopMarginLevel  Secure operate  New place just isn’t open if present cease margin levelis decrease than  stopMarginLevel
 To disable, set 0.
 stopDrawDownPer  Secure operate  New place just isn’t open if present draw down is decrease than  stopDrawDownPer
 To disable, set 100.
 spreadLimit  Secure operate  New place just isn’t open if present supread is over spreadLimit
  To disable, set 99999999…..
 threat  lot calcuration  Commerce lot is mechanically calcurated by threat.
 threat and lot parameters cannot be set at he similar time.
 To disable, set 0.
 lot  lot calcuration  Commerce lot is mechanically calcurated by threat.
 threat and lot parameters cannot be set at he similar time.
 To disable, set 0.
 pricePeriod  Logic  Decide what number of month-to-month bars to make use of for calculation
 coreRange  Logic  Decide What value vary is the core vary.
 positionHalf  Logic  Decide what number of positions EA have outdoors the core vary.
 positionCore  Logic  Decide what number of positions EA have within the core vary.
 minTP  Logic  Minimal tp(by pips) {that a} place can take
 maxTP  Logic  Most tp(by pips) {that a} place can take
 sl  Logic  cease loss(by pips)
 To disable set 0 (No cease loss)

Figuring out the grid vary

On this EA, a buying and selling technique is made based mostly on the very best value (Highest) and lowest value (Lowest) of the previous [PricePeriod] months from the present candlestick.

The calculation formulation for every merchandise is as follows.

Highest = highest value within the final [PricePeriod] months
Lowest = lowest value within the final [PricePeriod] months
Distance = Highest – Lowest CenterLine = Distance / 2 + Lowest

These values ​​are used to calculate the “interval” for making trades.

About buying and selling

  • All trades are made with market orders. No restrict orders
    • In consequence, it’s now attainable to suppress trades when Unfold is expanded
  • Since it’s a grid commerce, EA don’t set a cease loss.
  • Buying and selling strategies are roughly divided into inside and outdoors the core vary
    • Inside the core vary, each quick and lengthy trades are made
    • Solely quick trades above the core vary
    • Solely lengthy trades below the core vary

The higher restrict of the core vary is coreHighest, and the decrease restrict is coreLowest.

CoreHighest = CenterLine + Distance * [coreRange]
CoreLowest = CenterLine – Distance * [coreRange]

core vary: CoreLowest ~ CoreHighest

TakeProfit and commerce “interval” for every place

There’s one positionin in the identical course for every “interval”.

The calculation formulation of “interval” is as follows.

interval = Distance * ( 2 * [coreRange] ) / [positionCore]

But when interval < [minTP]pips then interval = [minTP]
But when interval > [maxTP]pips then interval = [maxTP]

interval = Distance * ( 1- 2 *[coreRange] ) / [positionHalf]

But when interval < [minTP]pips then interval = [minTP]
But when interval > [maxTP]pips then interval = [maxTP]

In different phrases, if you have already got a place inside the higher or decrease interval from the present value, the commerce won’t happen.

Additionally, the take revenue worth of the place (TakeProfit) is identical worth because the interval.

Mainly, the utmost variety of positions might be near [positionHalf]+[positionCore], however not if the interval is lower than [minTP]pips or greater than [maxTP]pips.

Cease loss

※[sl] parameter is out there solely in professional version

By default, no cease loss is supplied as a result of the essential technique of thie EA is to not set a cease loss.

In professional model, you may set stoploss by pips.

The worth of stopplos might be,

Stoploss(Lengthy commerce) = Ask – [sl]pips
Stoploss(Quick commerce) = Bid – [sl]pips

※ No cease loss is supplied if you happen to set [sl] = 0(Default setting)

In regards to the variety of tons

※[risk] parameter is out there solely in professional version

Two strategies can be found: mounted lot technique and variable lot technique.

If the variety of tons is lower than the minimal lot specified by the dealer, the commerce won’t happen.

Fastened lot technique

Within the mounted lot technique, lot is decided by the next formulation.

Variable lot technique

Within the variable lot technique, lot is decided by the next formulation.

lot = free margin * [risk] / margin required to purchase 1 lot of buying and selling pair

  • When the drawdown turns into massive, it’s attainable to cut back the lot quantity and improve the lot quantity when there’s room to do compound curiosity buying and selling with decreased threat.
  • Simple to steadiness when buying and selling a number of pairs.
    • For instance, when buying and selling 1 lot, the required margin is totally different between EURUSD and USDJPY, so with the mounted lot technique, the wager might be biased in direction of one of many pairs.
    • Within the floating lot technique, this drawback doesn’t happen as a result of the lot is decided based mostly on the surplus margin.

※When utilizing variable tons, the variety of tons is calculated based mostly on free margin, so the upper the leverage, the extra free margin and the upper the danger than anticipated. Watch out when altering leverage.

※When utilizing variable tons, set [lot] to 0.

protected operate

※[spreadLimit][stopEquity][stopMarginLevel][stopDrawDownPer] parameters can be found solely in professional version

  • Pause buying and selling if the present unfold is bigger than or equal to [spreadLimit]
    • To disable, set [spreadLimit] = 99999999…
  • Pause buying and selling when present fairness is lower than [stopEquity]
    • To disable, set [stopEquity] = 0
  • Pause buying and selling when the margin stage falls beneath [stopMarginLevel]
    • To disable, set [stopMarginLevel] = 0
  • Pause buying and selling when drawdown exceeds [stopDrawDownPer]
    • To disable, set [stopDrawDownPer] = 100


To establish the place managed by this EA, set [magicNumber] in order that it doesn’t overlap with different EAs.

This EA operates solely on the positions related to [magicNumber].


Troubles that happen on the EA are displayed on the higher left of the chart.

For those who activate [debugMode], you may test the log not solely on the higher left of the chart but additionally on MT5 Journal

※When debugMode is ON, if too many logs accumulate, MT5 and machine storage could also be squeezed and malfunction might happen. Please take note of the remaining storage capability when utilizing.

About optimization


Increased efficiency will be achieved by optimizing the pair you need to use.

  • When managing a number of pairs, threat diversification will be anticipated by selecting pairs with much less correlation.
  • Specify the minimal lot (0.1 or 0.01) for [lot].
  • Set [coreRange] < 0.5.
  • In professional model,
    • Set [risk] = 0
    • It’s suggest to disable protected features.
  • It’s beneficial to make use of “Advanced Criterion Max” for optimization analysis
  • For optimization, I like to recommend a testing interval of not less than 3 years.
  • To keep away from curve becoming, it is suggested to dedicate half of the testing interval to ahead testing.

The beneficial optimization gadgets are as follows.

Please alter whereas consulting along with your preferences and machine specs.

Variable Begin Step Cease
pricePeriod 1 1 96
coreRange 0 0.05 0.5
positionHalf 1 1 50
positionCore 1 1 50
minTP 10 5 100
maxTP 101 10 301

※For those who really feel that the machine energy just isn’t sufficient, we suggest utilizing MQL5 Cloud Community.

The error messages whereas optimization

For those who get the error messages like beneath, optimization might not work.

It is higher to cofirm the element of errors by “Visualize take a look at”

Run Visualize take a look at with suspicious parameter set.

And you’ll test the element of errors(Alert message)

Optimization end result pattern (2015/05~2022/07)

One of the best settings when optimizing on the writer’s machine are as follows.

Variable Worth
pricePeriod 24
coreRange 0.2
positionHalf 23
positionCore 35
minTP 50
maxTP 260
Variable Worth
pricePeriod 5
coreRange 0.05
positionHalf 34
positionCore 31
minTP 55
maxTP 150
Variable Worth
pricePeriod 93
coreRange 0.3
positionHalf 31
positionCore 11
minTP 34
maxTP 140


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