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segregated witness – The right way to rapidly discover the personal key from Segwit P2SH handle?

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The right way to rapidly discover the personal key from Segwit P2SH handle?

As per at the moment, it’s inconceivable to search out the personal key from any public key or handle. Additionally from a SegWit P2SH handle. There may be all the time hashing concerned, which is a a method perform.

I feel you perhaps wished to ask, come to the general public addresses (see under), with the intention to extract corresponding priv key from bitcoin pockets…

I feel there isn’t a fast means 🙁

However with some programming and net web page hyperlinks, this would possibly get you to your objective:

I’ve a really massive record of Segwit addresses for bitcoin, beginning
with ‘3’ and have no idea the corresponding legacy ‘1’ handle for

The way in which the kind 3 addresses are composed consists of as soon as once more a hash worth, so you can’t simply “return” – it’s a a method perform. The way in which how they’re composed is described right here, and here’s a description in bitcointalk discussion board.

How can I rapidly discover the corresponding legacy handle to export the
personal key from Bitcoin Core?
The Seqwit addresses haven’t obtained any transactions, but.

And right here it will get tough: except there are some transactions spending with the redeem script of this segwit handle (which normally reveals the redeem script in clear hex format), there isn’t a option to get to the basis information. However then once more when you have the redeem script, it’s a construction like this:

OP_0:    00
Size:  14
keyhash: (20 bytes)

once more with the hash of the corresponding “sort 1” key.
In this hyperlink Pieter stated you possibly can’t, and should not.

So finest to your work is to extract all priv keys from the pockets, and do “the reverse work”. Take a priv key, and create the kind 1 handle from it (by no means expose your priv keys on-line, you’ll free the funds! You should do that offline!). A superb web page on do is right here.

After having the “sort 1” handle, chances are you’ll convert it to segwit handle, and use once more the identical pubkey to undergo this.



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