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currencies – the way to place a bitforex api purchase order

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I’ve learn the documentation for BitForex on inserting a purchase order right here:

Then after understanding that, I learn the API Name Description documentation:

Here’s what I’ve in my code:

var crypto = require('crypto')
var axios = require('axios');
var accessKey = 'xxx';
var secretKey = 'xxx';

var nonce =;

var quantity = "1"
var worth = "0.00015393"
var image = "coin-eth-bf"

// tradeType 1 is purchase , tradeType 2 is promote
var tradeType = "1"
var message = `/api/v1/commerce/placeOrder?accessKey=${accessKey}&quantity=${quantity}&nonce=${nonce}worth=${worth}&image=${image}&tradeType=${tradeType}`;

var hash = crypto.createHmac('sha256', secretKey).replace(message);
var signData = hash.digest('hex');
axios.put up(`${accessKey}&quantity=${quantity}&nonce=${nonce}worth=${worth}&image=${image}&tradeType=${tradeType}`)
    .then(operate (response) {
    .catch(operate (error) {

I hold getting an error:

{ code: '1011',
  success: false,
  time: xxx,
  message: 'NeedParam accessKey and signData' }

I’m at the moment at a loss to why I hold obtain this error.
I’m passing each the accessKey and signData in.
The half that’s fuzzy to me is the signData.

  1. Am I creating the signData correctly based mostly on the documentation?
  2. Additionally, am does order matter for the parameters which can be being handed
  3. in? The rest I could doubtlessly be doing flawed?


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