How Anyone Can Start A Profitable Blog In Under 30 Minutes

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In this blog post, you will learn how to start a blog in less than 20 minutes using only basic computer and technical skills.Starting a blog nowadays is not difficult, in fact, anyone can start a blog these days from his or her convenience.Unlike before, when we used hard code to build a website or even a small blog. Well, that’s not the case today.

The most famous CMS are and Google’s Blogger.

Blogging lets you lead a boss life for FREE. Work anywhere in the world with a laptop and there is no schedule, you work in your own time. That is the biggest advantage of blogging. And yes, the most important thing is that you can be your own boss.


Ready to start the blog?

I have been blogging professionally for the past 2 years and earn good blogging.Blogging has completely changed my life, from an out-of-school boy to a motivated man with big goals in life. All thanks to blogging.

And I am very glad that you came here and that you are reading this article because you also want to change something. are not you? This is the first step to your personal and financial success. and believe me, after you start your very first blog, you are not the same person anymore.

I won’t say you will start earning $10,000 in passive income right away, but I can guarantee that if you follow the exact same strategies I show you in the steps below, you will in the next few months and beyond. you can scale it up over time and grow into a full-fledged business over time.

But hey, it’s entirely possible to bring your blog to $10,000 or $100,000 or even $1,000,000 a month, there are people who have already done that. And lead a bossless life. and you too.The World of Blogging: I will explain everything here

Today internet and blogging

Over the years, the internet has gotten a huge boost with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. taking over the ranks. News, education, entertainment, knowledge, health, etc. have found a new and concrete platform for showcase via Google and YouTube.

The internet has grown faster than ever before and nowadays anyone can build a website for free. Since the late 1990s, blogging has created a new and unique platform to share and disseminate knowledge and opinions through online content and posts. It has now become a real profession that brings you both income and respect.

If you take a survey, you will find that millions of blogs are created around the world every day.


(Tips and tricks)

After you’ve read all the necessary steps and requirements for building your blog, I’ll walk you through a short and short guide for review purposes. The following steps are more tips and tricks than a basic guide.

  • Choose your website platform.
  • Get a domain name.
  • Use a low-priced and dependable net web hosting solution.
  • Choose the ad that fits your blog.
  • Sign up and use affiliate programs to sell other people’s products.
  • Choose and contact well-known and established potential advertisers.
  • Bring your services to the attention of your readers.
  • Use your blogs to deepen existing relationships with your customers.
  • Write and upload relevant, good-quality content.
  • Update and optimize your blog regularly.
  • Install and add useful plugins for additional features and functionality.
  • Use SEO techniques to drive more visitors and traffic to your blog.

“Feel free to comment below if you have any doubts or questions. You can even contact me via email

Blogging in detail

With the advent of Web 2.0 and social networking, blogging has become extremely popular. Blogging has come to be an online diary for heaps of people.. Its content has also had crucial implications for the worlds of politics, business, and society. People and businesses recognize the power of bloggers as online influencers.

For a little extra knowledge, there are a few popular and important variations of the term “blogging” to look out for if you’re considering starting your own blog.Blogging is simply writing a post for a blog.A blogger is simply someone who writes/creates content for a blog.

Types of bloggers

5 types of bloggers can be recognized according to current trends and technologies:

Hobbyist bloggers

These people consider blogging as a hobby and blogging for fun. Their works usually contain blogs about personal musings, etc. and earn no income from them. Over 60% of these bloggers spend less than 4 hours a week blogging.

Part-time professional bloggersThese are the people who blog to earn a side income to supplement their primary source of incomeThese are the people who started blogging as a full-time profession and consider it their main source of income.

Business bloggers


These are the people who blog as part of their full time job. They may even work full-time for an organization. The work of these bloggers makes up almost 8% of the total number of blogs.

Professional Bloggers

Professional bloggers who are online blogging to make money ie it is a kind of career for them from where they earn income through blogging efforts i.e. they make money like a salary Professional bloggers make their own money  To achieve this, they use various strategies, such as selling ads, gaining information, creating digital products.

and selling their products to other people in order to earn more money.  Choose or focus on a particular blogger to attract people to your site in the blog ie generate traffic and inform people about it so that more people will buy its product and buy it from it.  That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there


Enterprising bloggers


These are the people who blog for a business they own. This is most common in start-ups. The work of these bloggers makes up almost 13% of the total number of blogs is clearly the most preferred and used platform for building websites and leads the way by a huge margin. Let me list the main factors that give WordPress such a big edge over other rival platforms like Drupal and Joomla. There are a number of advantages that should be mentioned.

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